The Laughing Dead don’t feel the cold, and neither will you as you laugh your guts out at the 15th annual HubCap Comedy Festival from February 3 – 7, 2015. If Hollywood has taught us nothing (and it hasn’t), it is that a zombie apocalypse may break out any time now so we might as well plan on going out laughing!

Elvira Kurt

Nikki Payne

NB Symfunny Orchestra

22 Minutes

Dom Paré

Nile Séguin

DJ Demers

Peter White

James Mullinger

Michelle Shaughnessy

Tim Nasiopoulos

Alex Pavone

Evan Carter

Ali Hassan

Keith Pedro

Patrick Ledwell

French Headliners

Peter MacLeod

Virginie Fortin

Jérémie Larouche

Frank Grenier

Mariana Mazza

Nathan Dimitroff

Robert Gauvin

Jean-Sébastien Levesque