Lori Gibbs

18 h 00 | Jeudi 9 février 2016

The Old Triangle

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Mike Rita, Lori Gibbs & Pete Johansson


19 h 30 | Jeudi 9 février 2017

Théâtre Capitol

HUBCAP Comedy Festival Presents
Thursday Night for Laughs: Hosted by Candy Palmater

Always a fan favorite, this gala presents a showcase of eight headline comedians including Trent McClellan, Dave Hemstad, Steph Tolev, Pete Johansson, Mike Rita, Dave Nystrom, Lori Gibbs and Lars Callieou hosted by special guest star CBC’s Candy Palmater.

PRIX D’ENTRÉE : 34,95 $ + FAC & TVH

SAUVEZ SUR LES FRAIS EN LIGNE, achetez en direct au Théâtre Capitol, 811 rue Main, Moncton, NB

Billetterie Du Capitol

21 h 00 | Vendredi 10 février 2017

Coverdale Centre

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Julien Dionne, Lori Gibbs & Lars Callieou


Billets disponibles au lieu de spectacle jusqu’à l’heure de présentation.

22 h 00 | Vendredi 10 février 2017

Tide & Boar Ballroom

Top Comic Showcase

Ben Miner, Mike Rita, Jon Steinberg, Julien Dionne, Ali Hassan, Lori Gibbs & Trent McClellan


Billets disponibles au lieu de spectacle jusqu’à l’heure de présentation.

19 h 00 | Samedi 11 février 2017

Mooser's Pub & Eatery

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Lori Gibbs, Drew Behm & Dave Nystrom


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Site web de Lori Gibbs

“Have fun” was the best comedy advice Lori Gibbs ever received, so naturally, she had it tattooed on her arm. She is known as the “human antidepressant” and she probably loves you. In additon to a Comedy Now! Special, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Calgary Comedy Festival and being a regular on CBC’s The Debaters, Lori was nominated as Best Standup Comic at the Canadian Comedy Awards this year. She has more credits and they can be found on her Mom’s fridge. For extra fun, Lori combines crafting and comedy on morning television and calls it Hot Glue Schtick. She’s also on the Pop Culture panel on Alberta Primetime, she performs hilarious and inspirational comedy keynotes and has lost 120 pounds in the last couple of years. In her spare time, she likes bragging about her two sons and fantasizing about Pringles.