Lars Callieou

19 h 30 | Jeudi 9 février 2017

Théâtre Capitol

HUBCAP Comedy Festival Presents
Thursday Night for Laughs: Hosted by Candy Palmater

Always a fan favorite, this gala presents a showcase of eight headline comedians including Trent McClellan, Dave Hemstad, Steph Tolev, Pete Johansson, Mike Rita, Dave Nystrom, Lori Gibbs and Lars Callieou hosted by special guest star CBC’s Candy Palmater.

PRIX D’ENTRÉE : 34,95 $ + FAC & TVH

SAUVEZ SUR LES FRAIS EN LIGNE, achetez en direct au Théâtre Capitol, 811 rue Main, Moncton, NB

Billetterie Du Capitol

21 h 00 | Jeudi 9 février 2017

Five Bridges Bar & Grill

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Steph Tolev, Lars Callieou & Trent McClellan


19 h 30 | Vendredi 10 février 2017

Igloo Beverage Room

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Steph Tolev, Lars Callieou & Dave Hemstad


21 h 00 | Vendredi 10 février 2017

Coverdale Centre

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Julien Dionne, Lori Gibbs & Lars Callieou


Billets disponibles au lieu de spectacle jusqu’à l’heure de présentation.

17 h 00 | Samedi 11 février 2017

Cheers Beverage Room

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Mike Rita, Jon Steinberg & Lars Callieou



22 h 00 | Samedi 11 février 2017

Pump House Brewery

Humoristes « Stand-up »

Julien Dionne, Mike Rita & Lars Callieou


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Site web de Lars Callieou

Lars Callieou has appeared at the Just for Laughs Festival and has a 1-Hour Comedy Special currently airing on The Comedy Network. He was just the third Canadian in history to make the Finals of both the San Francisco and Seattle International Comedy Competitions and this past spring he Won ‘Best of the Fest’ at the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival. Lars has also been overseas to entertain the troops 3 times (Kuwait, IRAQ, Kyrgyzstan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and has a weekly comedy radio show on CJSR 88.5 FM that was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award.

Lars has toured with the likes of Miss Joan Rivers, Jeff Foxworthy, Roseanne Barr and Bob Saget. He made his second appearance this April at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia and if you’re a fan of CBC he’s on the Debaters and CBC TV. He’s also appeared at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, the Boston Comedy Festival, the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and the Halifax Comedy Festival in… well… Halifax. It’s safe to say he’s become an overnight success in just 12 years.