Nikki Payne

20 h 00 | Vendredi 10 février 2017

La Caserne

Nikki Payne
Supports Moose Sex

Comedian Nikki Payne has teamed up with the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve to explore life on the Chignecto Isthmus, better known as the "Moose Sex Corridor". Nikki tries to find out why Moose and other critters on the Isthmus can’t seem to "get any".

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Site web de Nikki Payne

You may have seen Nikki on your television as she has been on many Canadian programs such as CTV’s “Satisfaction,” which won her a Canadian Screen Award, The wildly popular Much Music’s Video On Trial, and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” That’s not all!! Soon you’ll be able to hear her voice on Teletoon’s “Bagel & Becky” in 2017!